Bold Adventures in Caring: July Challenge


Summer is here! I think it is time for some bold adventures in caring.

The Challenge: Have a Bold Adventure With Care and Share your Care Story.


The Oxford Dictionary defines adventure in the following way:

An unusual and exciting or daring experience.


I see care (defining it broadly) as any act or relation that maintains, sustains or transforms our lives and helps us live in the world as well as possible. Bold caring involves self care and care for others.

Sometimes we plan daring experiences. Often, though, the unusual and the exciting are more about spontaneity and serendipity. My challenge for the month of July is to be bold, with care in a new and adventurous way.

Whether big or small a bold act(ion) takes us out of that comfort(able) zone. Once you have pushed the limits of how you usually share your care, please tell us all about it on the blog and/or email me! I will be taking a hiatus from the blog for the month of July. I hope to share your bold care stories, starting in August.

Thank you for all your support. Here are three recent stories about the importance of a caring community. They each demonstrate the kind of human caring that is possible when we recognize we all need and are capable of care. Enjoy!

Helping Caregivers on Alberta Primetime

Youth Community Garden

Mom Panel Breakfast Television with gems on self care from Deepika Mittra at Opening Spaces.

My favourite part in the above is when PhD Candidate Daena Crosby, Youth Engagement Coordinator for YOUCAN Youth Services, talks about how the youth community garden in Edmonton grows more than food.

“I think that the garden provides a metaphor for them and their lives. In terms of development and in terms of leadership and in terms of really seeing themselves as contributing citizens.”





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