Self care is more than a manicure: Are you ready for Bold Care to advance your life? 1of 3 Steps for saying YES!!



This summer I vowed to have bold adventures in care. Honestly, when I first thought of it I didn’t really know what this would mean. I was determined to find out. I did. One of the most important choices I made over the past few months was to give myself the gift of self-care. Does this sound self indulgent? Superficial? I hope not. We give care packages and offer caring words to others, don’t we? Oftentimes, people who are routinely engaged in acts of kindness for other people (kids, co-workers, extended family members, friends, spouse…etc). put taking care of themselves way down on the priority list. Self care, for me, means something more than “me-time.” My intention in sharing my experiences with you is to encourage more women to recognize they are worthy of their own care, love, and affection.

Imagine the possibilities. Being bold with care starts within. It starts when we make a choice to be compassionate toward ourselves. It starts when we say…

I am worth it.

I deserve my own care.

What if more girls and women really believed that?! …

What is self care, really? I’m not talking about fancy stuff here. It’s not glamour and opulence. Self care means something deeper. It reflects values and beliefs that are more significant. To be clear: I do love getting my nails done as much as the next girl!!

 Self care is more than a manicure.

Self-care involves practices through which we take care of ourselves. My friend Deepika Mittra is passionate about helping people look after themselves. She says self-care is “opening up space for” oneself. She explains:

I’ve known and often re-realize that taking care of me, the WHOLE ME, is essential. Sadly, it’s what often ends up on the backburner. Other things seem more pressing. But amidst the to-do list, and the ‘shoulds’ there has to be some time for me.

Caring for ourselves feeds our human spirit. It is about giving care to our multidimensional selves, wholeheartedly. Caring for self requires acknowledging an important truth: you deserve a space for yourself. We all do.

Self care is the symbolic place we hold for honouring what is unique and special about us. Self care practices (yoga, meditation, sport, art, reading, and the list goes on and on) are attempts to gain strength, energy, vitality, and relax. For some, this means rekindling the soul and feeling centred with the universe. Self care directs our energy toward rejuvenation and wholeness.

I have come to realize

My journey toward being bold with care has been incredibly challenging and rewarding. Like many women I know, I’ve struggled (at times desperately) trying to live up to cultural (and my own!) expectations of the Good Mother, the best friend, the best wife, the PERFECT _______ … You can insert most of the roles I play or have felt pressure to take on in this sentence and you get the picture.

There is no perfect in self care. Tweet This to Share!

Rather, our imperfect selves are calling out to be understood and recognized. It takes some of us longer than others to come to the realization that our own health, wellness, success, goals, dreams and aspirations MATTER. I am so happy that I finally got there and I can share my experiences with you.

Looking back, I realize before I could take my next bold move I needed to work through three other important steps. I hope you find these steps help you advance your life forward in the direction you dream about! Taking these steps has changed my life for the better.

Get Out of the Way

My achilles heel has always been getting in my own way. The other day I was driving home with my eleven year old son, Ayden, when the truck we had been following came to represent something other than “the truck ahead of us.” Suddenly, the message get out of your own way came into full view. We stopped at a light and simultaneously read the three words painted in block letters on the back of the truck: DO NOT PUSH. We looked at each other. I think he knew it already, but I told him those directions (DO NOT PUSH) had to do with the contents in the truck’s carriage and how operators were supposed to handle the back end of the truck. I then shared with him why this message struck me.

I push. Not literally, of course. But, I have been known to push, to force, and to work against myself. Many times I pointlessly tried to control things – circumstances that are beyond my control.  DO NOT PUSH. As I explained to my (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) mini-me why this message resonated so much I got emotional. It was an important moment. Throughout the summer any time we saw this truck and that sign we smile. Sometimes we need to get out of the way to make room for life’s awesomeness.

I continually have to practice not pushing and work on getting myself out of the way. Get Out of the Way is one of the habits I will keep practicing to live my bold with care.

We will be exploring these are other steps for being bold with care at Cared Humanity’s Inaugural Women’s Wellness Day: Bold With Care Life Advance.

Do you find yourself struggling with getting out of your own way? This experience may be specially designed for you!

Imagine what could happen if you were BOLD with CARE?


In TEN DAYS we will open tickets and all the juicy details for this awesome event. Stay tuned!


BWC Maui Rainbow

In the Comments I’d love to hear how you are working on the self care practice:


Get Out of the Way


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