Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much (And/Or, every so often try eating a banana in your pjs at a hockey game!)

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There is much love to share and care to cultivate. My daughter, Maylah – the girl in the photo in her pjs eating a banana at a hockey game – asked me today “what does that sign above the pantry say?” It inspired this post! Enjoy.

I turned 40 in 2014. It was a pivotal year for me in many ways. I enjoyed a sabbatical. I started Cared Humanity. I reached out and dug deep within to create a caring community. I have learned many important lessons – things about myself, about life more broadly.

This journey of “getting my head and heart around care” has been a lot more difficult than I expected. It’s come with new questions, some answers, old insecurities, different worries, but most importantly I have learned how self care and self compassion are essential ingredients of a life of service to others. All caring is a practice and I’ve felt like I’ve got it wrong more times that I got it right lately! (Yet, I find that I am not as hard on myself as I used to be)

Self care and self compassion are essential ingredients of a life of service to others.

In radically accepting myself I came to recognize that no matter what I have done or what I will accomplish, just being (me) is all I can ever expect or ask of myself.

What does 41 hold? I’m reminded of my son, Ayden, saying when he was three, “I can’t know.” There is much work to be done, many problems to tackle and questions to ask, for sure.

My life is grounded in my relationships with my tribe of five. As the last day of 2014 closes I will go to sleep less concerned about resolutions, lists, key words or expectations than I have in years passed. Instead, before I close my eyes and turn on my side I will kiss my husband, say, “I love you,” and “Happy New Year.”

I feel comfort and joy in the moments I’ve shared with those I love. Moments like watching my daughter eat her banana and watch her brother play hockey. Life is in the noticing; noticing what makes people shine. We all desire to be seen, validated, and recognized. Really, how is this possible to do for other people, when we don’t do it for ourselves?

That feeling of acknowledgement and gratitude, my friends, is what I hope to hang onto each and every day of 2015. I wish the same to each of you.

Life is in the noticing.

So let’s share a toast to:

Joy in the face of uncertainty.

Comfort while striving to reach new goals.

Love through it all.


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With care,


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