Building Community with Love, Passion and Devotion {Guest Post by Jennifer Meszaros}

This a Guest Post by my very dear friend, Jennifer Meszaros of Anurakti Life. Jennifer explains how the people she has met inspire her to be – in her words, “better, stronger, more open, and loving.” I admire her dedication to live her life with love, passion and devotion and I am thrilled to share her words here with the Bold Care Community.                                
My friends are community builders. They may not think they are, but they are the type of people that attract people and build a community around them. One of my friends does it with food. She loves to cook, loves food, and builds a community around her with food in the centre of it. Another friends does it with her compassion and empathy. She is that mother you can rely on to watch your kids if you have an emergency. The one who keeps an eye out for the neighbourhood kids that are playing outside. She truly and deeply cares for the families that are a part of her life and her daughter’s lives. You feel it when you talk to her, she makes you feel as though you are the most important person to her. She is your confidant, your cheerleader, your comic relief. Another of my friends I met at a community soccer game that she and her husband had arranged in their neighbourhood. She and her husband are the most welcoming people you will meet. They are non-judgmental, so kind, and incredibly generous. This friend is always smiling, she exudes love and kindness and has this warmth about her that is so infectious. I have a friend who has started a Care Revolution. Her mission is to build a community of people who care and I have no doubts in my mind that she will accomplish it. (editorial note: that’s me!)                                                                                                                                                                                     
These types of people I am describing don’t have to work at building community, they just naturally attract it. The positive energy and kindness they put out into the world comes back to them and builds this amazing group of like people around them. It’s true what is said about like attracting like. You sense it when you are around a warm and kind person, they inspire you to be warm and kind too. This type of energy is uplifting and bright. The same can be said of a negative person. Just simply being in the presence of a negative person can drain the energy right out of you. Often being around these people, you begin to feel sour, and dull.

I am so grateful to be apart of these women’s communities, to learn and share and grow with them. I am excited to see how their communities evolve and grow and inspire others. 

Community = Care

“Care is contagious”

A community supports one another, they inspire, they teach. When you care for yourself and those around you the ripple effect is one of growth, sharing, and inspiration. I encourage you to build your own community. Positive energy is contagious, care is contagious. Let’s watch our communities grow and meld into a global revolution. Change starts with one person, YOU.

Moments of Mindfulness

1. Take a look around you sometime and observe how different types of people attract  or deflect others.

2. Notice how that type of energy affects you personally. 

3. Do these people have a community around them or are they alone? Are they bright or dim?

4. Do they uplift or drain you? 

5. In what ways are you building a community around you? Or, what changes can you make in your life to begin to build a community?
Thanks, Jen, for encouraging us to live our passion, be devoted and to always love.  
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