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hope, likelihood, option, alternative, choice, course of action, prospect, opportunity…

Many people have been asking me about Cared, the next Bold Care Life event, my talks, and where my quest is heading. I really appreciate the interest and your support. Thank you! The most honest and true answer I can give is:

I don’t know,… yet.


It’s been a time of reflection and contemplation. My life is full and rich, working full-time as a professor, raising three active children, developing relationships with friends, spending time and energy on my fitness goals, and especially nurturing my connection with my partner.

This summer I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and feeling about possibilities for me, my family, my work, Cared and for YOU! I need graciously request your help. Here are a few open-ended questions to get you in that think/feel mood.

I invite you to ponder possibilities with me!


Where could you go when you get your brave on?


What could you do when you see yourself as strong?


How does grace come into play in the pursuit of the unknown?


With care,




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