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Meaningful connections are powerful – when we care and connect we are most alive.

This is me – unapologetically open, curious, playful, loving, understanding, and strong. It’s been a journey toward self-love and understanding myself and studying what makes us all human, social-beings. Now live authentically full-of-care. I’m so grateful to share my care with the world!

I’m all about creating spaces where meaningful connections happen. My story begins and ends with care. I’m working on being bold with my care, in my life, and finding ways to encourage others to do the same!

Guide is the thread that connects all that I do. My life intersects different spaces – academia, motherhood, athletics, social justice, art, and women’s empowerment. I seek/create/find convergence and community. I love to share my passions and support people, especially young girls and women, to do the same. 

Nothing is more fundamental to feeding our human spirit than care and love.

I am an Educator and Care Researcher, learning how to be brave and show up in my classroom, my kitchen and my community. In my TEDxGarneauWomen talk Just Care (December 2013) I shared stories and some lessons about how caring for, and about others, can transform our lives and our communities. More recently, at TEDxUAlberta (March 2016), The Power of Meaningful Connections I talked about how communication, acknowledgment, respect and encouragement are keys ways we can nurture deep care in our lives and make more meaningful connections. 

I hope to ignite a spark – one that fuels a fire in the places inside us that bring us closer to each other. With enough sparks, together we can change the world one act of care at a time! 

I’m on a personal and professional quest to love, learn and lead through care. I invite you to join the Care Revolution.

I am a mother. I’m blessed beyond belief to share a life with an incredible partner, Bryan, and three beautiful children (check out the photo below!) Ayden, Taryk, and Maylah.

Hogeveen Family

This is me with my tribe of 5 at my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday in Rosser, MB August 2013, Image by Alissa Minaker 

I am also a sister, a daughter, a partner, and a friend. I take these roles very seriously – myself less so! I am a runner, an advocate, a teacher and a learner.

I am a woman of strength and vulnerability.

I’ve been studying Sociology and all kinds of areas of human society for more than half my life! I’ve examined and wrote about topics like parenting, criminalized mothering, gender violence, youth crime and society, and health promotion.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is this: 

We all need care, but the care we need is not all the same.

I know the science of why care matters. I teach and research at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where I am Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology. 

In this space I share stories, insights, questions, and resources for living care*fully.

 Our shared humanity can unite rather than divide us.


Care can be a powerful collective force.

CARED (Cared Humanity) is a business, a blog, a community and social movement. The quest involves exploring together how we can best support each other in the fundamental human tasks of care.

My big, bold vision is to change the landscape of care by helping you live care*fully: to be bold with care. Bold caring involves self care AND caring for others.

For me, Cared is about:  

Bold caring: the practice of being bold with the way we care for ourselves, the people we care about, and in the world. 

Bold compassion: being authentically true and honouring who you are and what really matters to you. 

Bold connection:  openness to listening and telling stories, sharing our gifts and talents, expressing our vulnerabilities,  and cultivating relationships.

I am bold with care

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    I’m on a personal and professional quest—living a Care Revolution! Join me: Be Bold With Care

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