Stress, Self-Care and All Things Overwhelmed?!

I am bold with care


HELP!! We all need it.

We try. We fail.

Breathe: Dig deep. Be honest. Get vulnerable.

We try again. Kochee Mena – Cree for try again – seems to be my MO lately. With running… with teaching… with parenting… with relationships, with my own relationship to self. I had this aching pain in my leg a couple weeks ago. I ignored it. I pushed on. This aching pain in my leg continued, go figure!?

I paid attention. I sought treatment. Massage therapy and active release (OUCH!!!) made a huge difference. I was able to race a 10 km pain free yesterday. Hooray! I couldn’t have done it without some help. The help didn’t stop there. I needed by family to support me – they did! I needed a friend to encourage my during the race – she did! I also needed ME to befriend myself enough to pay attention and care for me. Mission accomplished,… for now.

Stress continues. Self-care must as well.


Sometimes we need a little extra help – support – more often than we like to acknowledge, right? Or, is it just me?

I’m interested in what your stressors have been lately. I hope you’ve also been taking the time, energy and space in your life to take care of YOU.

Dig deep.

Be honest.

Get vulnerable.

Ask yourself:

When am I bold with my own self-care?

I am bold with self-care when I..

I took a listen to (and look at) this conversation on caring for ourselves and adding more care to our inner and outer worlds with Gemma Stone  I had a couple years ago. I needed the reminder. Hope you enjoy!

Let’s get this conversation going! Self-care is not selfish. It is a necessity.


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