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I took the stage on March 6th 2016 at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta at TEDxUAlberta.



My speaking engagements have included everything from international academic conferences to local workshops for kids, high profile keynotes to panel presentations, intimate gatherings to auditoriums.

  • Fostering Female Friendships of Care, Goddess Network, April 16th 2015


  • Keynote Address: Being Bold and Being Caring… both at the same time!  Bold Care Life Advance, November 2014


  • Caring Communities for Children – GAL Conference John Humphreys Centre, December 2014


  • Please watch for upcoming speaking events.


Bold Care Life Advance, Cared Humanity’s First Women’s Wellness Retreat, November 2nd 2014. 

25 women craving powerful connections who are living with intention, compassion, and now “bold care,” gathered on November 2, 2014 for the First Bold Care Life Advance at Pigeon Lake, Alberta. Our focus was on each unique participant and sharing our collective energy and experiences. For a “taste” of what a ticket included please scroll down to the end*

Past Cared Humanity Speaking Events


  • Beyond Bullying: ~ for Bullying Awareness Network (May 9, 2016) 
  • Bold With Care in Professional and Personal Relationships: ~ at St. Albert Family Resource Centre (August 29, 2014).
  • Just Care and Transformation Presentation: ~ at  FVPHS Divisional Meeting Reset and Go, Youth Homelessness Family Violence Prevention and Homeless Supports, Human Services Government of Alberta (June 24, 2014).
  • Caring Workshop: ~ specially designed for Community Mentors at Bent Arrow Healing Society, Edmonton, AB (April 16, 2014).

Bold With Care Circles

Circles are structured processes organized for relationship building, effective group communication, conflict resolution, and learning. Bold With Care circles are intentional spaces that embody interconnectedness, mutual support and deep human caring. I use my training as a Peace-making Circle Keeper, PhD in Sociology, and years of experience teaching thousands of students to design and facilitate a safe space outside of our hectic, everyday lives devoted to practicing the human habit of caring for self and caring for others. Participants come together to learn, to grow, and to support each other work through the challenges we face in our lives by practicing value-based behaviour. Members of the group leave the Circle with new perspective, strategies, and tools for strengthening positive habits, which they can carry over into other parts of their lives. This unique care circle approach based on the Bold With Care philosophy works for team-building, celebration, problem-solving, support, and community development, among other purposes. Themes of circles include, but are not limited to:

  • Self Care for Care-givers
  • Caring for “hard-to-reach” groups
  • Professional Moms
  • Care Leadership
  • What is a Community of Care?
  • Kids and Caring


Consulting and Collaboration

I can facilitate and foster a care-based culture through tailor-made organizational tools and on-site workshops. I also create products and programs that inspire self care and caring for others.

I love to work with people who lead teams in the area of health, wellness, sport, social justice, education, and small business. I’m eager to collaborate with warm-hearted and like-minded people in creative ways on retreats, conferences, workshops, etc.


Bold Care Life Advance

Your ticket* includes participation in all BLCA activities, a light breakfast, mid-morning coffee & tea break, delicious and nourishing catered lunch, plus a special care package of goodies!

Bold Care Life Advance 2014, the first women-centred wellness event presented by Cared Humanity, is part of my quest to foster meaningful connections among women and ignite the sparks that transform our lives. Taking bold steps to enrich your life and create community is what Bold Care Life Advance is all about – think “retreat” only more forward focused. BCLA will get you reflecting and realigning about how you invest your time, money, attention, and energy. We will work together to show up, reveal our best (imperfect) selves in a caring space while we encourage each other to grow. I hope you will join us as we gather together at Pigeon Lake’s charming Village Creek Country Inn in a lovely space called Spruceview Diamondwillow for a day-long experience grounded in shared wisdom, women’s leadership, personal transformation, and making a difference. The resort location allows participants coming from Edmonton and surrounding area to travel the same day (click here for driving directions).

BCLA is forward focused, full of practical strategies and deep conversations, and loads of fun!  We focus on caring relationships, how we invest our time/energy/money, valuing ourselves and others, and building community. It is especially designed for women and it’s going to be bold and brilliant!

BCLA is a unique, shared experience designed to facilitate reflective conversations and stimulate inspired action about how we can prioritize caring for ourselves while also taking care of others. This event is an invitation for you to explore your relationship to self-care, reconnect with [or discover the truth of] who you are, learn more about what you are capable of, and gain new perspective on what really matters to you.

We will examine the significant value of holistic self-care and explore how being bold with care can bring more joy, compassion, and deeper meaning into our lives – plus have loads of fun!

Bold Care Guides

The thread of collaboration and mutual benefit is intertwined throughout BCLA. I am grateful to be sharing the leadership role with some amazing insightful and innovative women, who are all graciously willing to share their talents and time with us.

Bold Care Leader (that’s me!)

Care-Revolutionary, Mother-Professor, Dreamer-Doer, Joanne Minaker, PhD, Founder of Cared Humanity.

Joanne’s body of work concerns all things care, compassion, and connection. Her aim is to create spaces for critical reflection and social engagement that can lead to personal transformation and social change. She will encourage us to live, love, learn and lead with bold care.

Bold Care Featured Guests

Self-Care and Stress Expert, Deepika Mittra, BSW, MSC, RSW of Opening Spaces.

Deepika’s work is based on the principles of Mind-Body Medicine. In work and in her life as a new mother she strives to fulfill her motto: “Today I took care of me.” She will help us to “tune-in,” as she explains in her 2012 TEDx talk.

Health and Wellness Entrepreneur, Jennifer Meszaros of Anurakti Tea Company.

Jennifer embodies the name of her Company. Anurakti means love, passion, devotion. From yoga teacher to working mother, Jennifer’s life – like her tea – is all about energizing, comforting, uplifting, soothing, and healing.

Artist-Designer, Amanda Schutz, the resident illustrator, art director and all around adventure seeker for a passionate design firm, called Woodward Design.

Amanda loves to encourage and empower kids, adults, people who think positive to create meaningful creative work. Amanda will lead us from words to images and help us sketch our very own bold care map.

At BCLA you will find a friendly and fun atmosphere aimed at encouraging you to open your headspace and your heart-space and move your vision of what your life is all about forward in bold and caring directions.

Bold caring: Together we will practice being bold with the way we care for ourselves, the people we care about, and in the world. You will reflect on what you are doing to meet your own multidimensional care needs. We’ll explore creating space for you in an otherwise hectic schedule amidst competing demands. 

Bold compassion: You will dig deep to articulate who you are and what really matters to you. You will engage in mindfulness practice and feel deeply in the area of self love.

Bold connection: You will hear and tell stories, share your worries and wisdom, and cultivate new friendships.


I’m booking seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements for August 2016 and beyond.

Have an idea about how Cared Humanity can help you? Don’t hesitate to send a note and we can talk!


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