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Being Bold/Being Enough: Sara Hiebert …

“I recently spent the day with the brilliant, Joanne Minaker of Cared Humanity….”

The Power of Meaningful Connections: Tara Hogue Harris, Bird Communications

“Joanne talked to us about the power of meaningful connections, and delivered on her promise of inspiring reflective conversations about caring for ourselves while we care for others. She managed to attract a room full of smart, funny, insightful women, and got us to think about our values, our habits (good and bad) and how we can be bold with care, for ourselves and others.”

On Cared for people care for people: Jennifer Meszaros, Anurakti Life

“When I met Joanne, I knew I had met a kindred spirit. In talking to her about Cared Humanity and her mission to help women care for and love themselves I felt as though she was speaking directly to my heart.”


Words of inspiration…

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Understanding the human connection and raising our awareness to the importance of caring is necessary in our work.  Dr. Minaker’s thoughtful dialogue, candid impressions and depth of knowledge on the subject of homelessness, family violence and multi-barriered youth resonated with staff of the Family Violence Prevention and Homeless Supports Division within Alberta Human Services.  We are grateful for the time Dr. Minaker spent with us and its importance to our work.

~Susan Taylor, Assistant Deputy Minister, Family Violence Prevention and Homeless Supports, Alberta Human Services


I first met Dr. Minaker when I was her student at MacEwan University. Although she was a great professor, I can now say that she is an even greater friend. With the person that Joanne is, with what she has already accomplished, and with the social change that she advocates for, you can’t help but want to emulate her. Everyone should be lucky enough to know someone like Joanne. Caring, empathetic and passionate, she is the perfect person to spearhead a revolution in care.

~Samantha Lawrence, BA Honours

Joanne Minaker is leading a revolution in care. The depth of her knowledge is matched by the depth of her heart. She is in a unique position to weave stories from the people and facts from the research into a beautiful tapestry. A tapestry of how our humanity can evolve into a Cared Humanity. And, why it must.

~Gemma Stone, Registered Psychologist, Speaker, Guide


In working with children, youth and families, we have lost our focus when it comes to building genuine connections and relationships. We need to claim it back and show we are actually “carers”, as change happens in relationship not in isolation. Thankfully there are people in the world who have done research on caring, are passionate about it, and can help lead us back to practice and relationships that are meaningful, and even transformational. Clearly, for Dr. Joanne Minaker, this is a way of living and a way of being. It is obvious she lives and breathes caring for others. We would do well listen to her message as it will help us improve our practice, and help us become more caring people.

~Peter Smyth,  MSW, RSW Specialist for High-Risk Youth



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