Our Story

Our Mission:

Cared Humanity exists to create meaningful experiences that foster a sense of deep human caring; to design and produce learning resources, products, and services that inspire people to be bold with care; and to collaborate with people working on creating a more just and caring world.


Cared is a community joined by valuing care, mutual respect, and united in the goal of transforming caring into a human habit we foster, value, and cultivate.

Physical energy, the emotional stuff, the money it costs, psychological concerns, & the spiritual side; that’s all the labour of tending to our human care needs. Care involves  feeling or concern for (I care about you) and doing or providing support (I am caring for you). Care is a practice. Care is all about relationships! We often forget that one key care relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

We all share a human need to be cared for and to care for another. We all deserve to be CARED. 

For me, the seeds of Cared Humanity were planted a long ago when I first became interested in social change, but what really drove me to act was a pressing question that came out of my research:

What gets in the way of our giving and receiving care?

  • fear
  • judgement
  • shame
  • distrust
  • comparison
  • intolerance
  • insecurity
  • scarcity
  • suffering

I believe that when we truly recognize our shared humanity and acknowledge our human desires to both give and receive care, we can create space for “Cared Humanity.”

care + shared humanity = CARED Humanity

Just Care. My TEDx talk title is deceptively simple. Taking care while recognizing what unites (rather than divides) us as human beings just may be the pathway toward cultivating the power of care.

A Care Revolution could transform our lives and our world. Are you ready?

How do cared for people come to care for people?

Caring connections give our lives meaning and purpose. I invite you to come along with me on a journey to change the landscape of care and to practice care, fully; to be bold with care.

Join the Care Revolution.

Cared for people care


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